Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Shaving Tips

These instructions are for shaving a man's face... but the key elements remain the same for women, no matter where you are shaving!

A bad workman never blames his tools, but a bad shave is often the result of an aging blade. So before you even start, get yourself a new razor. (Girls... don't use your bloke's razor, OK?)

Next, soften up your beard with warm water, and reach for your shaving cream, oil or gel. Some of our best friends swear by Dermalogica's Perfect Shave, but as long as you can work up a good lather with the product you have at hand, it's sure to be fine. Don't skimp on that lather though, and if you find you have trouble creating a good lather, try one of our facial brushes.

  • Now, start shaving... use your free hand to pull your skin tight, then shave -- always downwards -- using long strokes.
  • For each area of skin you are shaving, determine in which direction the hair grows and always shave in that direction.
  • Rinse your razor often; warm water is best.
  • When you start shaving the area around your chin, change direction, pulling the razor upwards from your neck to your chin.
  • Next, do your upper lip, remembering to keep your skin tight again; you can do that by pulling a face!
  • You're almost done, save for a a good rinse and a minute or two to check for missed areas. Rely on your fingertips, not just the mirror. A final rinse and you're done, handsome!

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