Tuesday, January 4, 2011

How to wear blue eyes .. Youngblood Mermaid Pressed Quad.

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All you really need to know when thinking about wearing blue eye shadow is what tone of blue is the best for you, and the way in which to wear it.

Here are some tips that will help you out ...
  • Blue eye shadow on blue eyes will help to emphasise the blue. The closer you can
  • match the colour of blue to your eyes, the more dazzling they will look.If your eyes have more of a green tone, wear more aqua tones of blue. Sea Glass eye
  • shadow in the Mermaid Quad will be a perfect shade for you.
  • For brown eyes, most shades of blue will work, always take into consideration what
  • your skin tone is and always remember...less is more when it comes to blue shadow!
  • A great tip for wearing blues eyes is to make the rest of your makeup quite neutral
  • in colour. Blue eyes look great with a nude or very sheer wash of colour on the lip.
  • Consider just using bronzer on your cheeks, or, if you do choose to wear blush, use a
  • sheer wash of colour such as Sherbet Crushed Blush or Petal Pressed Blush.
  • Don’t think that wearing blue eye shadow means having to wear a full- blown smoky
  • eye. Try using your choice of blue eye shadow as an eye liner or incorporating some
  • blue into a bronze or charcoal eye makeup.

The “Mermaid” eyeshadow quad shades include:
Pink Pearl (shimmer pinkish purple), Abalone (shimmer periwinkle),
Ocean (shimmer sky blue) and Sea Glass (shimmer true aqua).

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