Friday, July 6, 2012

Express Yourself - NEW "No Nasties" Natural Skin Care Range at ciao bella.

BE Express™ Yourself is a new, "NO NASTIES",  natural, skin care range now available in ciao bella Beauty Salons.
It contains essential oils, is affordable, is convenient and great for the whole family to use

Express yourself Natural Skin care range
NEW Natural Skin Care Range - Express Yourself.
  • NO Parabens- an antiquated system of cheap preservatives that studies have linked with cosmetics to breast cancer tissue 
  • NO Sulphates / Sulfanates, etc - may cause skin sensitivity and impair the skin barrier functions 
  • NO MITs- thought to be allergenic and cytotoxic, linked to nerve cell death 
  • NO Artificial Fragrances - may cause allergies, do cause sensitivity and photosensitivity and are really just a cheap, uneducated alternative to the science of aromatherapy 
  • NO Artificial Colours - research suggests that they are comedogenic and sensitising and only add beauty to the appearance of the product 
  • NO Lanolin / Derivatives - may contain pesticides, which are irritating to the pilosebaceous unit and are an animal by-product 
  • NO SD Alcohol - will cause sensitivity 
  • NO Isopropyl Myristate - may cause over stimulation of sebaceous glands 
  • NO Formaldehyde- accepted as a human carcinogen and drying to the skin
  • NO Diazolidinyl Urea - a serious formaldehyde donor and animal by-product 
  • NO Coal Tars, Mineral oil - occlusive on the skin and studies have shown these to be carcinogenic 
  • NO Animal derived / by-products - unacceptable to many religious practices, and science has now shown them not to be as clean, effective or necessary as plant derived ingredients 
  • NO Testing on animals - Unacceptable to the conscience of most humans

Special introductory offers this July 2012 include great starter packs including handy shower caddies. 
Express Yourself Introductory Offers
Express Yourself  Introductory Offers

BE Express™ Yourself . From the makers of Botanical Extracts.

Express Yourself Family Sized Packs

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